What are Melbourne Barista Course Options?

It is said that the coffee culture started here, thanks to some Italian migrants who introduced to the locals their distinct variety of coffee and contributed to the Australians’ love for it (along with pizza and pasta, just to name a few).

They came to find gold; they left us with the love for coffee. The commercial production started as early as the 1880’s and Arabic strains were grown. This rise was short-lived however, because of the difficulties of transporting the harvest from such a far flung continent to Europe, and because of the increase in labor prices.

Machine harvesting, by reducing the labor costs, has reinstated the coffee plantations to all their glory, and the weather is particularly favourable because of the micro-climatic environment.

The absence of pests and insects has minimised the use of pesticides, thereby freeing the process from the use of harmful chemicals.

Because coffee drinking is considered a bit of a national frenzy, barista courses are available everywhere. Melbourne barista training is a piece of cake (or a piece of coffee!), depending on your skills and abilities.

I mentioned a few of the above courses, but I will now divide it dependent on city, so that coffee lovers all around the country can choose according to their own location, which coffee school to attend.

Some of the coffee schools offering Melbourne barista courses include:

Institute Course Cost Time Skills learnt Comments
Hospitality Training Australia Barista course (Level 1) $95 4 hrs • Prepare wide range of coffee based on consumer preference • Texture milk • Operating the machine • Operating the grinder • Cleaning the machine

• Presentation and some history on coffee

Best for entry level;
Receive certificate of participation
Hospitality Training Australia Barista course (Level 2) $55 (Added to above) 3 hrs (added to above) (In addition to above) • Prepare milk for coffee art • Free pouring and other coffee art • Layering of coffee

• Supervised training

Receive certificate of participation
Home barista institute Home barista $150 4 hrs • History of coffee • Blending and roasting procedure • Extraction technique • Texturing of milk • Coffee types in café and hoe to make them • Which coffee machines to buy • Maintenance of machine

• Practice on machine/maintenance

This is for domestic coffee makers who want to add to their skills at home; certificate of attendance
Home barista Institute Milk texturing and coffee art $90 2 hrs • Milk texturing • Pouring • Latte art

• Finishing touches

For those who want to improve their coffee presenting skills; attendance certificate
The espresso school Advanced barista $250 3 hrs • Espresso extraction • Effect of grind and dosage • Manual dosing

• Common espresso problems

The espresso basics course is a prerequisite; certificate of completion awarded;
Victorian Bar School Barista coffee making course $185 1 day • Roasting and blending • Group handle • Advanced texturing • Coffee art • Tamp coffee • Frothing • Spooned and poured patterns

• Refresher course till 6 months

Machines for each individual; industry standard double-group head machine,
Nationally Recognized Unit: SITHFAB204 – Prepare and Serve Espresso Coffee

Melbourne is known as the coffee capital of Australia. Hence it is of small doubt that it there is a diverse range of Melbourne barista courses available for our aspiring baristas.

Indoors and outdoors, on busy streets and cobbled lanes, the aroma of coffee hangs in the air. Melbourne barista jobs thus need a high level of professionalism, but also promises to be a good interactive experience with many coffee fans, or should I say, fanatics.

CNN includes Melbourne as one of the world’s top coffee cities, as a walk down its streets promises to be a walk down the coffee hall of fame.

Brother Baba Budan is one of the most frequented places to sample one of the best coffees in the world. Its beans are sourced from a high quality farm and roasted onsite. They are super serious about the coffee, leaving no stone unturned to find the best.

Similarly, the Sensory Lab Roastery scours the world not just for the best single origin or green beans, but also a world class gear. Alongside these, you will find an excellent brew at their retail outlet.

Melbourne coffee courses are available in a range of prices and options, and I’m sure you’ll have no trouble finding one near your locality.

While you are there, you can also take advantage of the Melbourne International Coffee Expo, a 3 day coffee heaven where you can taste cup after cup of the most tasteful coffee ever had on earth. Piccolo latte is the most favourite, so do learn that.

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