The Right Barista Training in Brisbane

T.S. Eliot once said ‘I have measured out my life with coffee spoons’. Are you ready to measure out your career with one? Be sure to take it one spoon and one course at a time at a coffee school Brisbane!

A city where the sun shines all year round, people add to the heat of the ambience with a steaming mug of coffee, queuing up at their favourite café.

People of Brisbane are the latest addicts of high quality coffee on our list (yes, this fads catch on). Take an example, the Wellington Street café, a local favourite that has seen its growth become threefold over the decade thanks to the coffee mania.

Oldies like Merlo and Di Bella cafes compete with budding businesses like Clean Skin Coffee and Blue Sky Coffee. Cup Specialty, with two locations in Brisbane, take great care in selecting their beans and trace them form the best farms with the most suitable equipment is their commitment to ensure customers only get the best.


They’ve also taken the influence of other cities to create an array of different varieties, which make for an interesting coffee menu. It’s a tough nut to crack (or should I say a tough bean?) as the coffee nerds are well aware of all the types of coffee to be had in a lifetime.

An experienced and expert barista can gain good ground here, because of the prospects, but also because, as customers are willing to pay a good price for their satisfaction.

This therefore translates to great employment and salary packages which are available, and let’s face it, we are all here for the passion, but some of us have families to support as well.

Brisbane barista courses can make sure you save your reputation in the face of such a competitive atmosphere.

Here are some of the prestigious places to attend at Brisbane:

a) Accredited Courses:

  • Professional Barista Course from The Coffee School
  • Barista Basics Course from The Barista Basics Coffee Academy
  • Master Barista Course from The Barista Basics Coffee Academy

b) Non-accredited courses with a Certificate of Completion

  • Barista Training @ Home from Veneziano
  • Introduction to Espresso from Veneziano
  • Advanced Barista Training from Veneziano
  • Latte Art Training from Veneziano
  • Barista Course from Red Balloon
  • Basic Barista Training Course from A Class of Barista

Barista courses Gold Coast are also a good starting point, particularly if you want one on one training.

There is a great opportunity to learn from the experts at Mista Barista, that provide both certificate and non-certificate courses spanning all tiers from beginners to experts.

The Gold Coast is a city that is located about 94 km from Brisbane. It is the sixth most populous city in Australia and is renowned as a focal point for local and foreign tourists.

It has breathtaking beaches, an ideal weather for beach-goers, theme parks, rain forests, and most importantly, it has coffee! With a booming tourism culture, the hospitality industry is one of its key assets.

It receives an influx of about 10 million people every year, and it is full of posh resorts, cafes, and hotels. This is a good place to be to enhance your barista career.

The Gold Coast Institute of Technology also provides accredited courses as well as Certificate II and III in Hospitality.

These courses are a good launching pad for a barista in a place that is one of the most glamorous in Australia, but has retained the down to earth love for coffee.

This city has seen the arrival of top notch baristas from all over the country to make their future particularly in boutique cafes and shops, which are so popular around here.

And apart from the salary issue, being a barista is about the joy, people experience when coming up with their range of most sophisticated flavours.

Its all about delighting their customers and in turn receiving praise, impressing everyone with your latte art skills, making an excellent presentation coffee and impressing the eye before it hits the tongue.

By taking these courses, you satisfy your thirst in learning as much as possible, because trust me, the background knowledge to the process of coffee making is quite detailed, and you can take in as little or as much as you want.


The Australian Coffee School has also taken roots in the city and is stormed with café owners, recruiters and schools who want to get hands on training. Rare types of coffee like the Gesha coffee, from Panama, that sells for as high as $200 per kilo is finding appreciation here.

The need for expert coffee bean roasters has increased as people are willing to pay higher prices for the quality. Drive-through cafes are also becoming the trend here.

Personally I’d feel that it is much better to start out at a place where the café culture is still evolving as compared to other cities where the culture is already established as entry-level baristas can still make their mark over here.

All the way from Paradise Point to Coolangatta, the best of the best cafes have popped up, which will be a dream of every barista to work in.

The notables include:

  • The Deck, Currumbin
  • Barefoot Barista
  • Vintage Espresso
  • Commune
  • Blackboard Specialty Coffee
  • Elk Espresso
  • Niche

If you want to take the course on the Sunshine Coast, Montville Coffee provides both accredited courses and other short courses, like judging the coffee taste and running the espresso machine.

Another example of barista course Sunshine Coast includes the accredited Sunshine Coast Coffee Academy.

Aiming to be a professional barista in the Sunshine Coast is no small feat to achieve as its cafes are clinching the top positions all across the world, year on year. These include:

  • Lamkin Lane Espresso Bar, Caloundra
  • The Birds and the Beans, Buderim
  • Clandestino Roasters, Noosa
  • Good Bean Espresso Bar, Mooloolaba

These cafes are the ones that qualified in the top 50 of the best cafes in a 2013, as reviewed by the website Beanhunter, which rolls out its list of the best cafes around the world each year.

And you need not worry about your career growth because as far as I know, the job opportunities are only going to rise, not fall. Places where these cafes did not exist in the past are now teeming with newer and more cafes across the country.

The tastes of people are also maturing, so there will be great need of a barista who knows all things coffee to serve in these places.

Why you need to do the course? That’s because we need our personalized blend instantly, and only a true barista can multitask with too much on their plate.

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