The Best Barista Courses in Sydney 2023: To Master Coffee Skills

Want to become an expert barista or brush up on your coffee barista skills? Enrol in a barista course as the perfect way to learn from experienced instructors using commercial-grade coffee machines. Read on for a complete guide to the top barista training options in Sydney. Don’t just make coffee, To make the perfect coffee. Get the skill to prepare and serve espresso the way the experts do. 

Why Take a Barista Course?

A barista course teaches beginners all the essential skills to:

  • Expertly operate commercial espresso machines
  • Learn basic barista skills that prepare for a barista job
  • Steam and texture milk to create perfect froth
  • Brew espresso-based drinks like cappuccinos, lattes, and flat whites
  • Make black coffee using pour over, Aeropress, cold brew methods
  • Create beautiful latte art designs
  • Understand coffee extraction principles
  • Sharpen tasting abilities to identify flavor notes

Barista courses equip aspiring cafe baristas with expertise but also benefit:

  • Coffee enthusiasts looking to make better coffee at home
  • Restaurant staff required to prepare coffee drinks
  • Those considering opening a cafe business
  • Anyone wanting to learn more about specialty coffee

Where to Find Barista Training Courses in Sydney In 2023

Here is an updated list of the best barista training courses in Sydney, Australia:

Academy of Coffee

  • Offer beginner to advanced barista courses[1]
  • Focus on latte art, coffee tasting, and business skills[1]

Sydney Barista School

  • Intensive 2-day beginner course[2]
  • Learn on commercial equipment[2]

The Espresso School

  • Wide range of course levels and formats[3]
  • Can do private group training[3]

Other Options

  • Try short specialty classes on Eventbrite[4]
  • Ask at local cafés about on the job training

The main established schools in Sydney are Academy of Coffee, Sydney Barista School, and The Espresso School. They provide comprehensive barista certification programs.

For quicker or more informal training, Eventbrite has one-off specialty barista classes. Individual cafés may also offer their own in-house training.

I’d recommend the well-known barista schools as the best options for full certification courses in Sydney. But the Eventbrite classes could supplement with focused specialty workshops.


Some Other Options Worth Exploring

Several institutions offer accredited barista courses in Sydney ranging from short sessions to week-long intensive training:


TAFE offers a Nationally Recognised Statement of Attainment barista course at various Sydney campuses. Learn coffee fundamentals in a hands-on class environment.

Sydney CBD College

This college provides a 2-hour Espresso Basics Crash Course teaching beginners to pull espresso shots and steam milk. Certificate issued.

Australian Barista School

Courses here cover all aspects of commercial coffee making. Graduates earn a Certificate of Completion. Flexible private lessons available.

Bootlegger Coffee Company

Bootlegger’s 2-hour introductory Latte Art Class teaches pouring basics. Barista Up-Skilling session upgrades experienced baristas’ skills.

Sprout Academy Cafe

Choose from a range of weekend coffee workshops like Espresso Basics, Advanced Latte Art, Home Coffee Brewing, and Coffee Roasting courses.

What Will I Learn in a Barista Course?

A comprehensive barista course typically covers:

  • Espresso machine operations – dosing, tamping, extraction
  • Milk texturing techniques – stretching, silky microfoam creation
  • Cupping and flavor profiling coffee
  • Signature drink preparation like cappuccinos, lattes, and Australian flat whites
  • Alternative black coffee brewing – pour over, AeroPress, cold drip
  • Signature etching and free pouring latte art skills
  • Food safety considerations
  • Customer service tips

Hands-on practice helps lock in new barista techniques. Course lengths range from 90 minutes to 40+ hours depending on scope.

What Certificate Will I Earn?

Barista courses issue different certificates depending on the provider:

  • Statement of Attainment – Credited by the Australian Skills Quality Authority
  • Certificate of Completion – Proof of general course completion
  • Participation Certificate – For short workshops or sessions

Certificates showcase barista knowledge and demonstrate course proficiency to potential employers.

Who Teaches Barista Courses in Sydney?

Look for barista courses taught by:

  • Expert instructors with 5+ years commercial cafe experience
  • Award-winning baristas
  • Those with competition latte art skills
  • Coffee professionals passionate about teaching

Their specialized insider knowledge takes your coffee skills to the next level. Some venues let you schedule one-on-one training with champion baristas.

How Do I Choose the Right Barista Course in Sydney?

When selecting a coffee training program, consider:

  • Your current skill level – Beginner focused or more advanced?
  • Specific barista techniques you want to learn – Latte art? Espresso?
  • Course length that fits your schedule
  • Group, private, or self-paced online class formats
  • Accreditation level needed – Certificate? Statement of Attainment?
  • Trainer expertise and teaching methods
  • Cost and available discounts or bundles

Discuss your goals with barista course advisors to find your best option.


Q: What is a barista course?

A: A barista course is a training program designed to teach individuals the skills and knowledge required to work as a professional barista in a coffee shop, café, or any other establishment that serves coffee.

Q: Where can I find the best barista courses Sydney location?

A: The best barista courses in Sydney can be found at various coffee schools, TAFE institutions, and training centers located in the CBD and surrounding areas of New South Wales.

Q: What is TAFE NSW?

A: TAFE NSW stands for Technical and Further Education New South Wales. It is an educational institution that offers a wide range of vocational courses, including barista courses, to help individuals gain practical skills for their chosen career paths.

Q: What will I learn in a barista course or coffee course?

A: In a barista course, you will learn various essential barista skills, such as how to prepare and serve espresso coffee, create latte art, operate commercial espresso machines, and understand the different coffee beans and brewing techniques.

Q: Are barista courses nationally accredited?

A: Yes, many barista courses are nationally accredited, meaning they are recognized and approved by the relevant industry governing bodies. Upon completion, you will receive a certificate of completion for barista skills that is widely recognized in the coffee industry.

Q: Can I get a job as a barista after completing a barista course?

A: Yes, completing a barista course can significantly increase your chances of securing a job as a barista. It equips you with the necessary skills and knowledge that employers look for when hiring baristas.

Q: Are there any free barista courses available?

A: While most barista courses require a fee, there may be some free courses available, particularly through government-funded initiatives or scholarship programs. However, these opportunities may be limited, and it’s best to inquire directly with the training providers or institutions.

Q: Can I learn barista skills online?

A: Yes, there are online barista courses available that allow you to learn barista skills at your own pace and convenience. These courses typically provide video tutorials, interactive modules, and assessments to ensure you grasp the necessary skills.

Q: How long does a barista course usually take to complete?

A: The duration of a barista course can vary depending on the training provider and the level of depth they offer. Generally, barista courses can range from a few days to several weeks.

Q: Can I make a career as a barista?

A: Yes, working as a barista can lead to a fulfilling and rewarding career, especially if you have a passion for coffee. There are opportunities for baristas to progress into supervisory or managerial roles, open their own coffee shops, or pursue other avenues within the coffee industry.

Key Tips for Barista Course Success

  • Practice at home between classes if possible
  • Ask questions and request feedback from your trainer
  • Repeat techniques until movements become automatic
  • Take detailed notes for future reference
  • Shoot videos of training techniques to review later
  • Taste various coffees to deepen flavor identification abilities
  • Have fun! Passion for coffee boosts learning.

With formal barista instruction from experienced teachers, you can gain the skills needed to craft exceptional coffees worthy of any trendy cafe.


In conclusion, if you’re a coffee lover looking to brew the perfect cup of coffee at home or aspiring to work in bars and cafes using commercial espresso machines, barista classes are the perfect solution. These courses offer practical tasks and hands-on training in a group environment, allowing you to develop the necessary skills to make great coffee. By attending classes and completing the course, you’ll earn a barista certificate and gain the relevant qualifications to serve espresso in restaurants and cafes.

Whether you choose to attend a physical class or opt for an online course, experienced barista trainers will guide you through the process, teaching you the best techniques to brew the perfect coffee. The course curriculum will cover everything from coffee art classes to learning how to make various coffee drinks using different brewing techniques. You’ll also learn the art of milk texturing and how to create beautiful latte art designs.

Upon completion of the course, you will be issued with a certificate that showcases your barista knowledge and proficiency. This certificate is widely recognized in the coffee industry and can significantly increase your chances of securing a job as a barista. Additionally, if English is not your first language, don’t worry. Many trainers are experienced in assisting learners who may need language assistance.

So, whether you’re a coffee enthusiast wanting to perfect your skills at home or someone considering a career in the coffee industry, barista classes are a valuable investment. With the guidance of experienced trainers and the opportunity to learn in a fun and supportive environment, you’ll be equipped with the skills and knowledge to brew exceptional coffee. Don’t wait any longer; discuss your training needs and find the perfect course for you to develop your barista talents and serve the perfect cup of coffee.

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