Barista Course: Perth Area – The Best Options

A happy go lucky, outgoing bunch is what makes up the people of Perth. This singularly delightful cup of coffee has opened up so many businesses, not just in terms of mainstream cafes and restaurants, but coffee aficionados and patrons providing reviews and up to date information about new places.

Therefore, monetizing their websites and blogs, people selling beans and machines online, and temp providers for these places; the growth is exponential. Barista courses Perth is the best way to gain your entry to the industry.

Cafes in Perth are quite mindful of their standards, with an example being the Elixir, where the coffee makers roast the best beans available from the greatest coffee growers from around the world. All in all, a good cup of coffee from the CBD. Imagine the dedication required tracking all of your coffee beans to a distinct location, and making sure they have awesome techniques to produce their coffee.

Here is an overview of the top barista training options in Perth, Australia as of late 2023:

Central Institute of Technology

  • Government-funded vocational college[1]
  • Offers a nationally recognised Certificate III in Hospitality (Commercial Cookery/Patisserie/Catering Operations/Asian Cookery) [2]
  • Includes barista training and work placement

Academy of Coffee

  • Specialized coffee school with Perth campus[3]
  • Beginner to advanced barista courses and SCA certification
  • Focus on latte art, tasting, and business skills

Rio Coffee Perth

  • Part of the Rio Coffee barista school chain[4]
  • Intensive 1-2 day barista courses
  • Small class sizes

Other Options

  • Ask at local cafés about on-the-job barista training
  • Check Eventbrite for one-off specialty classes[5]

The main established barista certification schools in Perth are the Academy of Coffee and Rio Coffee Perth. Central Institute of Technology offers barista training within their broader hospitality programs.

For shorter or more informal classes, local cafés and Eventbrite workshops are alternatives. But the dedicated barista schools provide more comprehensive training.


Some Other Options To Check Out

CoursePlaceCostDurationCourse LevelStatus
Professional Barista CourseCoffee School, 518 Murray Street, Perth, WA – (08) 9486 4771$1505.5 hrsProfessionalAccredited
Professional Barista TrainingBarista School, 2/8 Hayden Ct, Myaree, WA
Phone: (+618) 9330 1577
$1953.5 hrsProfessionalNon-Accredited
Barista Level 1Coffee School, 518 Murray Street, Perth, WA – (08) 9486 4771$1253 hrsEntry levelNon-Accredited
Coffee Art Level 2Coffee School, 518 Murray Street, Perth, WA – (08) 9486 4771$1252 hrsSlightly experiencedNon-Accredited
Refractometry applications for coffeeAustralian Barista Academy (Western Australia),135 Lake Street (Corner Lake and Church Streets)


Northbridge WA 6003

$901 hrsAll levelsNon-Accredited
Advanced Barista SkillsAustralian Barista Academy (Western Australia),135 Lake Street (Corner Lake and Church Streets)


Northbridge WA 6003

$1503 hrsExperiencedNon-Accredited

Don’t be dissuaded by all this though! Becoming a barista is quite easy provided you have adequate passion and the desire to learn all about it.

It will make you work hard, that’s for sure, but your training will be in a friendlier environment rather than in a high ranking University. These courses are not very costly and are available at a variety of locations.

It is up to you where to join depending on which school you or your friends like best, or if someone has had a good experience at a particular place before you.

Still thing being a barista is straightforward, with no thinking process required? It is nothing short of an elaborate philosophy. The training prepares the future barista to be absolutely confident in the making of a coffee.

A slight imperfection makes the difference between a win and a loss, and it takes years of training to be nothing short of just right at this job.

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