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As a barista in Perth, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to work for both big time coffee chains, and for smaller, personalised coffee houses. Regardless of the coffee jobs Perth you prefer, you’ll be expected to have a technical know-how of brewing, handling rotating menus, and creating traditional, as well as somewhat unconventional coffee drinks. Of course, latte art and milk texturing is required as well, and you should be ready to work in a hectic environment, because the people of Perth love their coffee at all times.


Trends in hospitality jobs in Perth

While most of us are very particular about the type of coffee we consume, cappuccinos, flat whites, lattes etc., it appears that in Perth, people have started seeking different flavors in their morning brew.

  • Cow milk is no longer the only player: Alongside cow’s milk, soy milk has become extremely common in Perth coffee shops. But other varieties such as almond milk and coconut milk have also gained popularity. Things are getting tropical, as many baristas in Perth have started to diversify their skills and provide their customers with unique new options.
  • Sugar isn’t out of fashion where coffee is concerned: While different options like coconut sugar have definitely appeared in the market, they haven’t come close to replacing real sugar. Of course, people have transitioned to less sugar when it comes to the dainties they eat with their coffee, but they still like sugar in the actual brew. A good barista knows that if your coffee tastes good, people won’t be asking for loads of syrup or sugar to be added to it.
  • Cold brews: Given the warm climate Perth enjoys, it’s a surprise it has taken this long for cold coffee to catch on. An especially popular cold coffee brew is chilled black coffee with ice – and it’s a good idea to become familiar with it, if you want to start out your barista career in Perth. This type of brew lacks acidity which is a feature of conventional coffee. Furthermore, it should, scientifically, give your customers more of a buzz because caffeine is water soluble and the longer you soak it, the better it gets. The soaking period also brings out a lot of the subtle flavoring in the blend.
  • Keeping it local: Sustainable coffee and locally produced milk have also become quite popular with Perth cafes these days, and they also tend to roast their beans close to the establishment. In fact, lots of Perth residents do their roasting at home, and have won awards for it – so, as a barista, you should be well prepared to have your knowledge challenged by your clientele!

Salary prospects for café jobs in Perth:

The average pay rate for baristas in Perth is $19.43 per hour, and it is expected increase modestly over the first five to ten years you work the job. Beyond that, you’ll have to move up the hospitality industry ladder or start your own business to earn more cash.


Overtime can pay you as much as $24.07, which is considerably more than several other major Australian cities. In general, the annual salary varies between $27K and $50K.

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