Barista Jobs Melbourne

The hospitality jobs scene in Melbourne has gone through several gradual transitions over the past few years. First of all, café owners have started to understand that coffee quality, proper equipment, and skilled baristas are an absolutely necessary for standing out from the competition.

In Melbourne, the specialty coffee café will often bear a design aesthetic characterized by a mixture of retro industrial and sustainable design elements; have Slayer, Synesso, La Marzocco, or similar coffee machines; and employ experienced baristas who are knowledgeable and passionate about their café jobs.

Barista MelbourneCoffee shop owners today tend to have their own equipment, which makes it less important for them to have contracts with suppliers – of course, this also means that they will expect you to know how to handle this equipment when you apply to work with them as a barista Melbourne.

You may also have to help the owner determine the appropriateness of the coffee roaster / supplier based on the quality of their coffee, and how well they offer repair and training services.

Coffee shops will also offer several different types of coffee, with different grinders providing single origins as well as blends. As the barista at the establishment, it will be your duty to handle the brewing and preparation of each of these drinks. You may also have to deal with multiple coffee roasters at the same time, as the café owners try to expand and diversify their menus.

Coffee Jobs MelbourneAnother trend in coffee jobs Melbourne is the employment of brewing methods other than espresso. While espresso still rules supreme, there has been a gradual inclination towards gentler brewing techniques by the consumers – with an espresso coffee and a filter being frequently ordered together.

In fact, professional baristas are, in part, responsible for the rise in popularity of filter coffees! Needless to say, you must also be able to make filter coffee to succeed as a full-time barista in Melbourne.

As a barista, you are now expected to have a thorough understanding of the product – it isn’t just good enough to know how to froth milk and show off a few latte art techniques anymore, you must dynamically change the grind, adjust the shot times, and vary the load in the handle, to alter your coffee’s behavior so it meets your customer’s expectation.

The role of a BaristaYou must also appreciate the aging process, various roasting profiles, diverse origins and their effect on coffee blends. You’ll find the that the highest paid baristas in the city now have knowledge of the product to rival that of roasters, which makes them valuable assets for their employer since they’ll know how to get the most consistent product from the supplier.

Basically, the role of a barista is now deeply rooted as an integral part of a successful coffee enterprise. Coffee jobs Melbourne aren’t just about letting anyone jump the coffee machine and pump out a few cups of Joe now and then. The barista occupation is respected as atrue profession now, and if you bring value to the business, you will be rewarded.