Barista Jobs Adelaide

When hunting for coffee jobs in Adelaide, you can go one of two ways – look for employment at an established coffee house, or if you’ve got some experience and adventurous spirit – set up your own shop.

Features of a formally employed barista position:

A typical formally employed position in Adelaide as a barista will require you to be both talented, and have some experience in the food and beverage industry. You’ll be expected to deliver top-notch café service and also to be able to work flexibly Monday – Friday. Furthermore, you must also be able to follow safety and health procedures of the organization you’re working at. Most of these jobs start out as temp contracts, and if you’re consistently good, they become stable permanent employment positions.

Your key duties will include the preparation and serving of various coffee brews (obviously), preparing snacks such as sandwiches, service area maintenance, following food safety and hygiene practices, handling cash, and providing top tier customer service to your clientele.To perform these duties, you’ll need some prior experience on the job, which is why it’s a good idea to do an apprenticeship close to home first.

Your presentation and personality must be friendly and cooperative, with excellent communication with the clients – the importance of customer satisfaction is huge in hospitality jobs Adelaide, as you’ll learn from any good hospitality / barista course.

Most formal hospitality jobs in Adelaide, translate into great career opportunities such as transfers to bigger places, ongoing training and development, awards, team days, company benefits and discounts.

Be expected to earn around $17 an hour, and if you land yourself a great gig, overtime could go as much as $31! The problem with such a position is that it won’t let you establish yourself as a force in the barista industry – you’ll be part of a corporate entity, and as such, will lack individual recognition outside, in all likelihood.

Features of a self-employed barista position:

For those who seek to make a name for themselves, a much better choice is to set up their own coffee establishment. Note that you’ll need at least a couple years of experience to do this, but as recent trends suggest, all of the most popular coffee places in Adelaide are run by motivated, driven individuals who lend their personality to their establishment, as opposed to adhering to a strict corporate theme. Aussies love a bit of uniqueness in their coffee and a personal touch to the service they are offered, which is why these places are so popular.

In order to be successful in such a venture, you’ll need to have strong managerial and planning skills, besides being a talented and knowledgeable barista. It is recommended that you take a barista management course from a reputed CBT college before trying this out unless you feel that you’ve got sufficient experience running a business as it is.

If you’re dedicated, talented and know how to play your cards right, soon you may be a successful entrepreneur offering barista jobs to other individuals!

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