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Coffee – one of those things that we are addicted to and need every morning to get us up and going! Whether it be a skim latte, double shot flat white or a long black, it all comes down to how the coffee is made.

The two most important factors with being a barista, are presentation and taste. There are many do’s and don’ts when it comes to making the perfect espresso coffee and that’s where we, Barista Buzz, can help.

Barista Buzz is your number one hub to learn all things associated with making that flawless cup of coffee. No-one likes a bad coffee, so it is good to know that you can visit one place and learn all the ropes.

We will tell you where you can study barista courses in Australia, what is involved with the various courses, and most importantly, how much they will cost. And we can help you look for a barista job in Australia

We are passionate about coffee and if you are too, then there is only one thing left to do – head to Barista Buzz and get researching and studying to become a barista. There are many advantages to becoming a barista – the hours are flexible, you maintain a high level of social contact, and the pay isn’t too bad either!

So come visit us at Barista Buzz and start smelling the coffee!

The Barista Buzz Team

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